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Power of The Mind

Power of The Mind

An experience shared by a fellow mother.

“I was starting to lose a bit of faith in my body this week. It’s normally so resilient and capable. It’s able to push through hard situations and my immunity is always so strong. It hasn’t wanted nourishment, it hasn’t responded to rest and it is pushing me to my limits. I’m frustrated and feel like I’m resentful of not enjoying this special time before the baby comes. I have cried so many tears and really felt like my body and mind was failing me. Luckily the one thing I haven’t lost this week is trust. I’m trying with all my energy to surrender to that fact. To trust that my body is doing exactly what it needs to be doing to grow this beautiful human inside of me. Working magic right at this moment. It knows exactly what it needs to be doing and I know that I just really have to focus on the big picture. A day it has been perfectly preparing for the last 36 weeks. I am trusting that this hard time will pass and that my mind and body will be ready just in time. I trust that my baby and my body know exactly what to do. When I look down into those beautiful eyes this will all be forgotten knowing that my body was the vessel chosen to carry this baby. That everyone’s journey is different and that you can be grateful and still admit it’s not easy. I will look back on this time and know that I should have had a little more faith in my body and what it has done. I’m so appreciative of what a women’s body is capable of and how truly remarkable it is.”

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