Shocking video of new child child discovered ALIVE wrapped in trash bag with umbilical twine connected

Passersby were shocked to discover a newborn baby discarded in a trash bag with umbilical cord still attached, fortunately two women rushed over to the baby’s rescue. In October 2015, a disturbing video emerged on YouTube, showing a newborn baby, still breathing, in a trash bag. The video shows a woman opening up the trash bag...

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Passersby had been shocked to find a new child child discarded in a trash bag with umbilical twine nonetheless connected, luckily two girls rushed over to the child’s rescue.

In October 2015, a disturbing video emerged on YouTube, displaying a new child child, nonetheless respiration, in a trash bag.


The video exhibits a lady opening up the trash bag after placing on a pair of gloves. The second girl unfold out a chunk of material for the primary girl to position the child onto.


It was one other surprising second after the child, whose umbilical twine was nonetheless connected, was lifted up and laid on the fabric—a placenta was additionally connected.


The girl wrapped the child in a fabric, together with the placenta within the trash bag, and carried the toddler away.


The precise location the place the video was shot is unknown, although some imagine that it was in the Philippines, whereas others speculate Cambodia.

Here’s the video of the ladies rescuing the toddler:


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