12 Times Dads Begged Their Kids, ‘Please, Don’t Tell Mom’

Being a parent, there are times where you have to make compromises, split-second decisions, and sometimes even go against the rules you set yourself. Often, it won’t be a black-and-white situation. Sometimes, you want to play the good cop in the good cop, bad cop scenario, but you don’t want your spouse to find out...

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Being a mother or father, there are occasions the place you must make compromises, split-second selections, and typically even go towards the principles you set your self. Often, it gained’t be a black-and-white state of affairs.

Sometimes, you need to play the nice cop within the good cop, dangerous cop state of affairs, however you don’t need your partner to search out out about your little secret. So, you ask the candy little angel, “Don’t tell Mom/Dad.”

This may be an effective way to bond together with your child, as having a little bit secret makes them (and also you!) really feel such as you’re sharing one thing particular between simply the 2 of you. It may also, sadly, backfire in case your baby decides to tattle!

These 12 people bear in mind occasions that both their mother and father advised them to not inform the opposite, or that they themselves requested their child to maintain a secret. Some are foolish, some are downright scary, and others are simply plain weird.

Do you bear in mind a time that you just discovered your self on any aspect of this example?

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