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Trying to figure out what week, month and trimester you are in your pregnancy can be confusing. Check out the chart and commonly asked questions below to help make things crystal clear.

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Twins reveal plans to fall pregnant on the identical time

They lay declare to being the world’s most equivalent twins and now Anna and Lucy DeCinque have shared their latest objective with their followers.

In a video posted to their Youtube channel, the Perth twins reveal they wish to fall pregnant at the very same time.

A feat which could possibly be barely troublesome provided that it’s dominated by nature – and the truth that it must be to the identical man, their shared boyfriend Ben.

The twins, who’ve surprised the world with their equivalent appears and life-style, say they might love nothing greater than to expertise being pregnant collectively.

twins lucy and anna

Lucy (l) and Anna wish to have infants on the identical time. Photo: Youtube

“Imagine if we did get pregnant at the same time! I mean we get our periods at the same time, we’re pretty in sync with each other,” Anna says within the video.

“We want to experience pregnancy together, we want our bodies to look the same. Because we’re so close we always want to be together,” Lucy provides.

The sisters, who’ve beforehand mentioned they each need to have the ability to marry Ben at some point, are asking their followers for his or her opinion and recommendations on tips on how to make their dream occur.

“It is a bit of a dilemma,” Lucy says. “We know that’s where nature comes in, we can’t control these things. You can’t force these things.”

twins pregnant

The pair each wish to fall pregnant to their boyfriend Ben. Photo: Instagram

Anna and Lucy say they’ve even been contemplating IVF or surrogacy so that they each change into mum’s on the identical time.

But there’s some confusion between the pair as they attempt to work out how their kids can be associated – given they might have the identical father.

“Someone told me they would be cousins,” Lucy says.

DeCinque twins

Anna says their life is their alternative and they’re very completely happy. Photo: Instagram

Anna is fast to defend their life-style within the video, saying on the finish of the day it’s their determination.

“I know there are a lot of people out there thinking wtf, but it’s our body and our life and you just have to respect our choices,” she says.

“If we want to have babies with the same man and get married to the same man then that’s how we want to live our life and we’re so happy.”