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Dear Infertile Me …

Image Source: Thinkstock Seven years ago, the word “infertile” was used to describe me for the very first time. I was only 26 years old, still single, and still living under the delusion that I had all the time in the world to figure my future out. Until the day …

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You Know You’re REALLY Pregnant When …

Image Source: Lauren Hartmann Pregnancy is no joke. It is nine months of having your body completely ravaged in a way that is equal parts beautiful and terrifying. Physically and emotionally, the changes are vast. And at a certain point, you get to that “really pregnant” phase. There’s the barely pregnant …

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5 Teeth brushing training tips for toddlers

First comes teething and then comes brushing! Do not fret, here is a survival guide for getting your little ones to brush their teeth! Teeth brushing training tips for toddlers. Aren’t we glad that the whole teething phase has passed! The turmoil and discomfort your little one suffered as his first …

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Military Couple’s Gender Reveal Is Blowing Everyone Away (Pun Intended)

We’ve seen plenty of baby gender reveals in our lifetime, but the latest stunt sweeping the internet is blowing all the others away (you’ll get the pun in a minute).

Military couple Keith Batchelder and fiancée, Jamie Indiveri, of Navarre, FL, are expecting their first child together and tried to come up with a gender reveal idea that would best represent them as soon-to-be parents. And boy, did they deliver.

After doing some research, the couple decided to set up a labeled box in a deserted and beautiful spot in the woods and filled it with binary explosive Tannerite and colored chalk powder. Then, Batchelder, being a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces and knowledgeable about how to use a rifle, would shoot the box to reveal an explosion of color, representing the baby’s gender.

To pull off this creative plan, the couple had a friend, Traci Ball, come to the hospital visit to retrieve an envelope with the baby’s sex and later determined what color powder to use.

Batchelder aimed at the box with his rifle and made one shot — sparking an instant burst of blue! Keith and Jamie were having a boy.

The moment was captured by Anna Elizabeth Photography, and has since gone viral on Facebook, with 68K likes and 70K shares.

The couple tells Buzzfeed that they feel “truly blessed and over the moon excited to meet [their] little man!”

Congrats to the happy couple! We hope you’re bursting with excitement, along with blue chalk powder.

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