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Pregnant Model Hits Back At Body-Shamers

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Consequently, so do baby bumps.

According to BBC, there are two main factors that determine how large or small a bump will be.

The first factor is simply the size of the baby: bigger baby, bigger bump. The second is the way the fetus is positioned in the womb.

If a baby’s back is against the mother’s belly, she will appear larger. However, if a baby has their back parallel to their mother’s, it creates a flatter bump.

One woman whose baby’s back is definitely parallel to hers is British model Emma McVey. The social media personality recently shared some photos of her pregnancy with her followers.

Usually pregnancy photos are met with excited congratulations, but this time, Emma became the victim of cruel internet bullies making fun of her baby bump.

Luckily, Emma wasn’t going to let trolls have the last laugh, and she responded to them directly.


#9monthspregnant hi little baba.

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Emma, being a model, has a typical model’s body and is naturally very slim.


This weeks @ok_mag blog now live!! Link in bio 🍼👶🏻 #8monthspregnant

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One user asked, “Where the baby fit though?”

Others joked that it looked like them “after frozen dessert today.”

Some especially mean ones told her to go eat a snack.

@gazgshore 🎄❤️ Dress: @renekcouture

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While Emma is certainly used to her fair share of trolls, there is something especially hurtful about shaming a baby bump.

Emma decided to respond to the haters right where it all began — on Instagram.

She wrote:

‘Is she really pregnant’ no I’m lying about the 5lb baby that’s in my stomach right now I’m uploading this photo mainly for the reason you can clearly see the bump in the reflection.

Congratulations to the mom-to-be, and best of luck in the weeks to come!

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