Friday , June 22 2018
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Sex after baby – Dad on the waiting list

Four days, four weeks, four months? What is an appropriate ‘stand-down’ period after a new baby arrives? ‘Dad matters’ columnist Sam Cummins looks at expectations and reality.   There must be a way to talk to about sex that doesn’t make you sound like a truck driver from Murupara or …

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Why men don't stay home to look after the baby

If you want to know why only one in 50 fathers take up paid parental leave, listen in on the conversations they have with their male colleagues and bosses, says Fiona Smith. We know men want to be good dads and partners. Time and time again, they will tell anyone …

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Kiwi parents giving their kids the world

While babies can clip the wings of most of us, other families continue to see the world as their playground. Melanie Dower asked fellow expat mums about their experiences raising kids abroad.    Parenting into a whole new world where everyone is speaking a different language. Not only do people…

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Family size: one…or more?

Family size is a complex and deeply personal decision. Ellie Gwilliam talks numbers with a mother of one and a mother of many, and reflects on her own decision to sit somewhere in the middle. I come from a family of four kids. If one was to quantify this in …

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Comics That Totally Capture What It’s Like Being Pregnant

Being pregnant is certainly a special time in a woman’s life, but that doesn’t mean it’s all emotional moments and glowing features. From wild cravings to crazy body changes, pregnancy requires a sense of humor. To commemorate this miraculous yet sometimes puzzling experience, we’re rounded up our favorite comics that truly capture …

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When Fertility Comes Easy

Image Source: Thinkstock I remember being a teenager when my Mom first assured me that I would be extremely fertile, and that I had “good birthing hips.” I’m sure as a teenager I was horrified to hear such things. When I actually got married, I was in no hurry to get …

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