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Auspicious Chinese Names For Rooster Babies


Auspicious Chinese Names For Rooster Babies

In the research of Chinese Name Analysis System (八字生肖姓名学), surname represents one’s relationship with mother and father, whether or not she or he is properly supplied for by the household, an individual’s intelligence, educational efficiency throughout college days, creativity, standing, status and extra. Having an applicable surname allows one to get pleasure from head-start in life. For a woman, surname determines the standard of her husband.

Auspicious Chinese Names

Mr and Mrs Tan simply obtained married in 2016. They are my shoppers who’ve consulted me of their home Feng Shui and have additionally engaged me to select an auspicious wedding ceremony date for them. During the session, the younger couple additionally requested me when could be an auspicious yr for them to plan for a child.

Apart from analysing their Ba Zi, I additionally factored within the Chinese surname, which is Tan or 陈 in simplified Chinese. I needed to guarantee that the kid will inherit an appropriate surname that may deliver luck to her or him in future – particularly within the educational and profession developments.

“Have a rooster baby quickly instead of going for a dog year baby.” I informed them.

“Based on your surname Tan, your baby born in the rooster year will grow up to be intelligent and more outstanding than the peers. This baby will also have the caliber to become a leader in future.” I added.

The Surname Tan ()

Now, in your thoughts, you’ll in all probability be asking what’s so particular concerning the surname Tan. Let me clarify. The Chinese character of Tan, which can also be written as 陳 within the conventional means, includes elements that belong to 耳 and 日. In our Chinese Name system, it’s deemed as very auspicious for a rooster to see 日 which is the Chinese phrase for Sun. This implies that the rooster is conferred with the authority to command the world. After all, rooster crows and wakes each one up when the solar rises.

More curiously, the Chinese radical 耳 (which suggests ear) within the surname additional equip the particular person with an additional expertise or Midas contact. For your data, one other zodiac signal that likes to personal a pair of ears is snake since each rooster and snake do not need bodily ears protruding like different animals.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t in a position to change our surname if issues become in opposition to what we wish. In this occasion, we’d then must depend on the cautious collection of center and final Chinese characters within the identify to neutralize the detrimental affect of the surname and concurrently improve different features of the kid’s future path.

General Characteristics of individuals born within the Year of the Rooster

Auspicious Chinese Names For Newborns In The Year Of The Rooster

Let us first perceive the character of the rooster.

Among the 12 Zodiac Signs, rooster occupies the 10th place. Its aspect is metallic and it represents the western path. This fantastically feathered fowl is taken into account to be barely luckier as in comparison with a few of its zodiacal counterparts since it’s often properly fed and raised by folks. It lives in a sheltered and guarded atmosphere and usually doesn’t must threat its life to search for meals within the wild. In phrases of food plan, it feeds on grain and rice and it’s by no means a meat eater.

The rooster, or also referred to as the cockerel, is thought to be reliable just because it by no means fails to crow at dawn. Besides, it carries an air of magnificence and sophistication however could possibly be deemed as boastful and egoistical at instances.

People who belong to the rooster signal are usually good-looker and skillful in phrases. They obtain good helps from the elders, bosses and colleagues. Although they could look mild from the surface, they are often fairly resolve and principled as they’ve a thoughts of their very own. They do possess management high quality however they need to be conscious to not over assert their authority and look like condescending. Otherwise, it will turn into the pitfall of their life.

By understanding the intrinsic conduct of the rooster particularly from the Chinese astrological side of it, the traditional masters developed this Chinese Name system with the purpose to enhance an individual’s well-being. Every Chinese identify character carries sure vitality which might forged both optimistic or detrimental impact on the kid or grownup relying on their future chart.

Which Chinese Surname will present head-start in your Rooster Baby?

Rooster Baby

Let us now take a deeper have a look at the dos and don’ts when you’re deciding on the identify in your child. First of all, it could be preferable for rooster infants to be born into households carrying surname equivalent to:


It doesn’t favour surnames equivalent to:


The strategy to deciding on good names in your child is a rigorous and holistic one as a result of not solely there’s a want to make sure the names complement the infant’s future chart, particular person Chinese character inside the identify should additionally include the appropriate sound, proper form that finally create the appropriate end result for the kid in all features of his or her life. It can also be of paramount significance that the given identify is appropriate with each mother and father’ Chinese Name and zodiac signal.

In reality, many in the present day are looking for assist from identify consultants to boost or enhance their research, romance, profession luck and even one’s behaviour.

Which Chinese characters are appropriate for infants born within the yr of Rooster?

The following Chinese characters or radicals are some examples which might be thought of inauspicious for folks born within the rooster yr:

1. 逸、勉、月、朋、仰、青、柳、 春、四、木、森、罗、林、卿、有

It is taken into account a taboo to make use of radicals or characters that include 卯which recommend the presence of rabbit or wooden aspect. In the research of Chinese Astrology, Rooster and Rabbit have conflicting energies. Having such character within the identify implies poor inter-personal relations with friends, accidents and lack of useful folks. Such sort of battle can also be identified to be one of many 6 clashes within the research of BaZi.

2. 成、戈、忠、茂、城、威、國、狀、獄、獻、武、猶、然、盛、誠

Considered as a critical violation of the Chinese Name precept to see radicals like 戌and 犬as it’s a punishment on Rooster signal from BaZi standpoint. If such phrase exists within the center identify, it would result in stress in marriage and relationship with friends. If it’s current within the final identify, it would result in points with private funds, challenges in profession and even strained relationship with subordinates and youngsters.

Three. 惠、慧、蕊、思、念、想、憲、朋、膨、鵬、騰、宥、育、有、怡、情

Not good to see 心or 月 or 忄radical as a result of such phrases are related to coronary heart which is deemed as a part of our flesh. Rooster doesn’t feed on meat. In this case, the particular person having this character of their identify will discover that they don’t seem to be in a position to obtain assist from folks.

four. 文、政、典、兴、光、贤、宽、雯

Radicals which have shapes like 八, 又, 儿imply the rooster is sick since a powerful and wholesome rooster stands on one leg. It denotes lack of focus or willpower. Overall, this alerts instability in a single’s life.

5. 駿、烶、森、燊、炎、骅、琳、然、杰、柳、材

Rooster signal belongs to metallic aspect and subsequently it is going to be inauspicious if the identify accommodates radical that belongs to fireplace and wooden aspect because it leads to conflicting vitality. For occasion, radicals that carry shapes like 木, 火, 灬 are to be prevented.

6. 伸、伶、仁、佳、仕、任、伯、住、佩、來、儂、依、行、徐、介

Radicals equivalent to 人,亻,彳 is an emblem of human. This is unquestionably not a optimistic signal as a result of it means the rooster goes to be slaughtered for choices. So, the particular person having such character within the identify may be defensive in his or her dealings with others or the particular person usually has to make sacrifices in relationship or at work.

7. 装、欣、莊、成、代、知、芹、劉、勇、力、颖、柔、刚、分、芬

Radicals equivalent to 刀,刂,矛,匕,戈,矢,斤,片 symbolize weapon. It has the identical implications as above sub paragraph. In addition, it may well additionally result in bodily hurt, surgical procedure and crises in life.

eight. 永、孟、孫、存、孔、學、汪、承、淳、丞、享、泰、潔、沛、冰

In the research of BaZi, such characters or radicals that include 子 or 氵symbolizes water aspect or rat zodiac signal which is detrimental for the rooster. In the research of BaZi, rat and rooster type a punishment. Chinese additionally has a saying that that is a picture of drenched rooster. The consequence is disastrous when it comes to funds and one will endure nice losses as soon as in a life time.

The beneath Chinese characters are thought of auspicious for folks having rooster zodiac signal:

What to name your rooster baby chinese baby names

1. 通、建、廷、庭、起、宛、强、融、虹、凡、弘、引、凱、川、之

Good to see radicals like 几 or 弓 as a result of such characters symbolizes 蛇or snake and it varieties a 三合 [San He] or Three-Harmony relationship with rooster which is extraordinarily highly effective and auspicious. For your data, Snake, Rooster and Ox type this trinity.

2. 妞、紐、鈕、炄、扭、牢、生、牲、笙、性、星

Good to see radicals like 丑 or 牛 as a result of such characters symbolizes ox which varieties a 三合 [San He] or Three-Harmony relationship with rooster which is extraordinarily highly effective and auspicious.

Three. 和、利、莉、秀、香、蘇、秉、豆、登、米、菊、凯、科、益

Rooster feeds on grain, cereal, maize and rice. The presence of radicals like 禾,豆,米 in an individual’s identify permits her or him to obtain continuous assist and assist from buddies and colleagues.

four. 晨、宸、農、麗、麒、君、龙、尤、雨、言、震、霈、吾、麟

Radicals or phrases that symbolize or symbolize dragon type a 六合 (Liu He) or 6-Harmony relationship with rooster. This is one other auspicious mixture that enhances an individual’s luck in profession, marriage, fame and standing.

5. 布、市、帛、帝、常、彩、彭、彬、衫、祺、福、珍、礼、裕

It is sweet to see糸、衣、采radicals as this suggests that the rooster is dressed up and promoted to be a phoenix and it will result in an increase in standing within the society and acquire of respects from others.

6. 容、宏、宇、安、宸、室、戶、門、冠、國、園、圓、康、廉、珊

Rooster enjoys staying in cave and feels protected with roof or shelter over its head. Having radicals or phrases like 口,穴,门,广,册 in a single’s identify means stability in profession and relationship, supportive relations, buddies and easy crusing life.

7. 昇、堤、曾、章、彰 、星、旭 、吴、同、司、和、名、尚、合、周

The checklist of characters right here both accommodates one 口 or日. There is a saying in Chinese that when rooster open its mouth, it instructions the world. It is excellent for profession and status. However, do notice that having multiple of such radicals will result in petty folks as an alternative.

eight. 華、單、章、平、奉、筆、 宇、卓、干、十

All these phrases, in case you observe fastidiously, are standing on ‘one-leg’. There is a phrase in Chinese generally known as 金鸡独立 or Golden Rooster Resting on One Leg. This means the rooster is robust and wholesome. In one other phrase, the particular person is regular, excellent and wholesome.

9. 均、基、培、場、塞、境、堆、坤、在、堂

In the research of BaZi, Rooster belongs to metallic aspect. So, it is going to be superb and really auspicious to make use of above characters or radicals that include earth aspect equivalent to 土 just because earth will produce and improve the metallic aspect.

The checklist of examples above just isn’t exhaustive however has addressed the essence on some insights and views on Chinese Name Selection for infants.

By Master Jo Ching, Founder of DestinyAsia Global Consultancy and Master Trainer of Destiny Academy Pte Ltd

Master Jo Ching (莊裕善老师) is the founding father of DestinyAsia Global Consultancy and Master Trainer of Destiny Academy Pte Ltd. Besides offering skilled advices to shoppers on their residence and workplace feng shui, future evaluation and auspicious Chinese Name choice, he additionally conducts skilled feng shui programs and company talks. He is incessantly quoted by media like Lian He Wan Bao, Asiaone, The New Paper, RazorTV, Yahoo and and so on. Visit his firm web site at or contact him at [email protected]

This article was first printed in New Age Pregnancy E-guide Feb/Mar 2017.

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