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7 Things Rob Kardashian Needs to Know About Becoming a Dad


7 Things Rob Kardashian Needs to Know About Becoming a Dad

With the news that Rob Kardashian is about to become a father with his fiancée Blac Chyna (who I guess also has a child with Rob’s sister’s boyfriend Tyga? I’m so confused.), it’s easy to imagine that the only male member of the Kardashian clan is about to get inundated with advice on parenting from his famous sisters.

But if Rob is about to become a father, he’s going to have to learn to stand on his own two feet, so here’s what the young dad should know about being a modern-day dad, including what we can stand to learn from big sisters Kourt and Kim.

1. Trust your gut.

I can’t even imagine what matriarch Kris is doing with this news right now. Not only did the couple announce their engagement earlier this year, but now this? She’s going to be running circles around her baby boy Rob. But honestly, becoming a parent is about learning to trust your own gut and instincts and intuitions. So take the advice, smile politely, and then do what you think is best.

2. It’s OK to wear deodorant.

Big sister Kourtney famously doesn’t wear deodorant when she has babies out of fear that the aluminum will infiltrate her breast milk or rub on her baby when she’s holding him, but Rob, really, for the sake of everyone — wear deodorant.

3. All the money in the world can’t make you a good parent.

I’m not calling out anyone here, but it’s obvious that being a celebrity in your own right, complete with money and nannies and personal chefs, can’t make anyone happy, let alone make someone a good parent. It’s a good lesson for all of us to remember, honestly, but assuming that Rob’s baby is a surprise one, this is something I know from experience — it’s helpful to remember that being a young parent or an unexpected parent is about loving your child as best as you can, not giving them the entire world on a gold platter.

4. Cousins rule.

There is nobody who will be as cool to your baby as cousins, so just go with that and rock all the cousin playdates in those mansions of yours, guys.

5. Kids are not mini-adults.

I feel like especially when parents are young, it’s easy to become best buds with your kids. I know in my case, my daughter was (is) my world and I treated her as almost a peer, since we literally did everything together. And while I can imagine that Rob’s baby, especially if it’s a boy, OMG would make the coolest sidekick ever, a child still has different needs than an adult. Kids need space to just be kids, you know?

6. You don’t have to parent like anyone else.

Rob has some big shoes to fill in the parenting world, but I will say that his sisters both have their own unique parenting styles that are very different. Kourtney is very much an attachment-minded parenting, breastfeeding and co-sleeping, while Kim is more bottle and do-her-own thing. Both are totally adept parenting styles and it’s nice that Rob will have both styles to see before he tackles what works for them.

7. Fathering without a father is no easy task.

I feel for Rob on this one. It’s obvious he has had some trouble finding his way in this world without his biological father, and as close as he is with Caitlyn Jenner, it still hasn’t been easy for Rob as the only Kardashian male. But something tells me that this might just be the jumpstart to Rob’s life that he has been looking for all along. And I can only hope that when he holds his baby in his arms, that circle of love will finally be complete.

And one more piece of advice, Rob?

Please, don’t say yes to that reality show we know they’re offering you. Congrats to the happy couple!

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