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Top 5 must-haves for junior’s birthday party


Top 5 must-haves for junior’s birthday party

Planning a birthday party for your little one? Don’t stress! Make sure you have these 5 must-haves on your to-do list for a failure-free day

Global trends have indicated that the quality of kids’ parties, and the expectations that come with that, is skyrocketing over the years. From having a fancy birthday theme to minute details such as the type of string used to tie the balloons, every single aspect counts. Modern parents are also more willing to fork out extra expenses to make their kid’s birthday party extra special. So as parents, how do you organise an unforgettable birthday bash for your kids?

The following are the top 5 must-haves for Junior’s birthday party:

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  1. Theme

Like the skeleton to a body, the overall theme of the party is the most essential to getting everything right. Once you have nailed the theme of the party, nearly every other decision you have to make thereafter will follow suit. For example, if your theme was Star Wars, then you would know that getting the Yoda suit for the birthday boy is a right decision and giving out Stormtrooper shaped organic hand soap fits the bill.

How do I decide on a theme?

Usually picking your child’s favourite cartoon or animated movie at the moment works well. However, you can also explore themes such as a specific colour or set of colours, transforming the venue into places like art studio or mini petting farm, or adapting to a time period or country like American Cowboy theme or futuristic robotic themes.

2. Birthday cake

Rightfully, the birthday cake is the second most important item on the checklist to a perfect birthday bash because it has to complement the overall theme of the party. Birthday cakes are creating massive sensations across the world.

Available in all shapes, sizes and customisations, there is nothing these modern bakers can’t do. To check out some of our local talents, The Gor.Den Artist makes fanciful, customised 3D cakes and the Patissier sculpts beautiful Croquembouche trees for a unique birthday cake.

3. Goodie bag

A successful birthday party is one where the celebrant and his guests would thoroughly enjoy the party. One way of showing your appreciation to your guests for their presence is by giving out goodie bags. There are numerous creative ways you can pack that goodie bag for your guest, but the easiest solution is to mirror the overall theme you have set.

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4. Photo booth

Moving on with the trend, a photo booth is the next must-have on your party checklist. Instead of traditionally posing with the birthday kid and his/her parents during the cake-cutting ceremony, why not let your guests have fun and explore their creativity in a photo booth.

Photo booth services such as What The Flash Selfie Photo booth Singapore and Boothaholic Photo Booth Services provide instant printing of selfies, props to enhance the photo booth experience, and basically non-stop action and entertainment for all your guests to indulge in!

5. Games and activities

With all the above checked, we’re left with the last but not the least item. An activity for the kids to partake in, and to leave a lasting impression, would be temporary airbrush tattoos for kids.

Not only is it safe since all temporary airbrush inks used are FDA approved, but it is also fun and creative. A go-to booth right before indulging in the photo booth fun, the kids can choose a temporary airbrush tattoo design, or even a face paint design for a new look, which can last up to 2 weeks.

For parents looking for temporary airbrush tattoo services to create hype for their kids party, 13 Tattoos and Co provides customised entertainment solutions to cater to all kinds of events and themes.

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